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Dragon Flower Wallpaper Samples


DRAGON FLOWER was inspired by my travels throughout Vietnam but in particular my visit to Ha Long Bay. The words  “Ha Long” quite literally mean “descending dragon.”  As the local myth goes, the Gods sent a family of dragons to help fight off the Chinese who invaded this area.  As the dragons descended upon the sea they spit out jewels of jade and as they hit the ocean they turned into beautiful limestone islands and islets which created a natural fortress against these foreigners.  Thanks to the dragons and these limestone pillars, the native people were able to keep their land safe and eventually this land became what’s known as the country of Vietnam.

Each roll of wallpaper is hand screened (colored ink on coated paper) and  is 27″ wide x 5 yards long.  The vertical repeat is 10.37″ and the horizontal repeat is 9″. The minimum order is 4 rolls with a lead time of two weeks from placement of order.


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