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Inspired by frequent visits to some of my favorite museums including the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, MoMa, The Met and The Louvre,  VAN DOE was designed with the idea of visual hackery in mind. I wanted to create a colorful, digital wall covering that included individual parodies of some of the world’s most highly recognizable works of art by replacing human subjects depicted in serious, traditional oil portraiture with stags or deer faces. Presented in a “salon” or “gallery wall” format, I encourage you to install VAN DOE with a random match to create an amusing variation in the deer portrait layout.  Plan each panel arrangement accordingly before cutting and installing.

Each roll of our digital VAN DOE wallpaper is 27″ wide and 192″ long. Please check with your professional wallpaper installer before ordering since wallpapers cannot be returned or exchanged. There is a 4 roll minimum and lead time is 4 weeks from placement of an order.

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