Zwarte Piet kitchen

Zwarte Piet in repeat

chimney (detail)

back to the boat (detail)

roof (detail)


gifts (detail)

roof (detail)

arrival (detail)

roof (detail)

sailboat ( detail)

bird (detail)

sailboat arrival (detail)

Santa at gunpoint (detail)

cookies for children (detail)

dog (detail)

clogs (detail)

Zwarte Piet ( Black Pete) Wallpaper

$225.00 per roll

I've had a secret love affair with the Netherlands ever since my first visit to Holland in 1985. Several decades later, I'm still captivated by the hospitable, socially tolerant, environmentally conscious Dutch, and their sophisticated-yet-sporty culture. In this picturesque land of windmills, Gouda cheese, houseboats and bicycles, there’s another tradition that’s as Dutch as the tulips that bloom every April, only it comes around in December. And, while it’s just as colorful, it’s darker and far less fragrant. It is the holiday story of Sinterklaas and his servant Zwarte Piet or Black Pete. I decided to have a little fun with this accepted bit of Dutch folklore, appropriating it for my latest design-art endeavor and presenting it with my own spin in blue-and-white Dutch delft tile.

Each roll of our digital wallpaper is 27″ wide and 5 yards long. Use 1/3 drop match when installing. Please check with your professional wallpaper installer before ordering since wallpapers cannot be returned or exchanged. Lead time is 4 weeks from placement of an order.

Samples of Zwarte Piet wallpaper are available.  Click here to order samples.

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